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Getting a divorce or a separation is difficult for couples and even more so for the children involved. Though you may not actively want to communicate with your ex-spouse, you will have a connection with this person until your child turns 18 years old, and even on occasions, celebrate some major life events together with your adult child. How do you get through all these years, not only maintaining, but healing through the process?

Co-parenting is the process where parents, who are divorced, separated, and no longer live together, share the duties of raising their child(ren). The goal of co-parenting counseling is to learn to put anger and hurt aside while moving forward in your thinking and behaviors surrounding parenting practices. This will allow you to work together to raise your child(ren). Some parents who continue having difficulties letting go of past pains, can work together by looking through a new co-parenting lens. Many parents who shift to viewing parental interactions as professional interactions have successful co-parenting stories.

Co-parenting counseling addresses communication skills, conflict resolution, and parenting techniques. You will learn strategies such as: how to keep children out of the middle of parental discord, learn the importance of respecting the other parent, staying mindful to address issues only in the present moment, and learn to effectively communicate with one another while focusing on your child’s best interest.

My role in this process is to provide you a safe, non-judgmental space to practice healthy co-parenting communication and parenting strategies. I believe each parent has an equal part in contributing to the parenting process as well as their relationship with their child(ren).

Please contact me for additional questions and to schedule an appointment.